“Morgan and Dr. Speer (no relation) provided the best care! Made me feel very comfortable. Answered all my questions thoroughly and I look forward to my next visit! ”

– Robert S.

“Best dental experience i have ever had. I cant wait to get my smile back … truly THANK YOU”

– Nicole M.

“Dr. Wilder is my regular dentist, however, this visit was for a consult to discuss Invisalign® braces. Krista was very knowledgeable about the process and was able to walk me through the process, as well as answer any questions I had. I would definitely recommend meeting with Wilder Dentistry if you are looking to get Invisalign® (or are in need of a new Dentist).”

– Hayley J.

“I have been seeing Dr. Wilder for several years now and have been extremely satisfied with all the work he has done on my teeth. He and his staff are professional and friendly.
The office, located in Spokane Valley, is beautiful and easy to get to. Finding a dentist that you can trust , who is so efficient and thorough can be a daunting task. I have been blessed that Dr. Wilder meets that and more.”

– Rhonda B.

“After Dr. Wilder’s 7+ years as my dentist I remain very pleased with his dentistry and his entire professional staff of assistants. Never before have I been happier to visit a dentist on a regular basis.”

– Marshall K.

“I have had such a hard time finding a dentist office that I felt was a good fit, so when I finally made it to Wilder Dentistry I was beyond happy. The support staff is tremendously nice (I felt so welcomed right when I walked in) & taking care of my payment was so easy (no surprises when it came to making sure what was covered and what wasn’t). Robert is extremely nice and thorough, and he made sure to tell me exactly what was going on with my teeth! The gal who cleaned my teeth was also just so sweet; I swear everyone in this office is as nice as can be which is important when it comes to scary teeth cleanings… I would recommend this place to anyone and everyone, I actually just referred one of my co-workers to go here and am getting my husband to switch dentists as well. Good people!”

– Caroline S.

“On top of having the latest equipment, Dr. Wilder and his staff know how to turn your dentist visit into an excellent experience. He and his staff are excellent at being very thorough and capable of explaining details regarding your oral health status.”

– Arturo M.

“Dr. Wilder is a very hands on dentist and will work hard to make a procedure right. The office is lively and energetic. The staff is knowledgeable, efficient, and make you feel welcome as a friend, not just a patient.”

– Cay E.

“Dr. Wilder is an angel! He made my experience so wonderful even when I found out I needed some extra work done he took the time to make sure I understood what was going on. I am so glad I found him!”

– Ashley G.

“I like the way Dr. WIlder explains things. He uses language that is precise yet understandable to the layperson. He presents his findings in a way that instills trust and confidence in his abilities, and he never comes across as a ‘salesman’ trying to talk you into procedures you don’t need. He is through in his examinations, takes a conservative approach to treatment, is easy to talk to, and is kind and patient. Moreover, his support staff members are outstanding. I am really glad I found out about Dr. Wilder’s practice!”

– Rodney A.

“The atmosphere is friendly and clean not sterile. I was treated like a welcome friend not a walking dollar sign. Jennifer, the chair side assistant, talked to me and set me at ease. She explained things as she did the process of getting me ready for Dr. Wilder. When Dr. Wilder came in he introduced himself and talked with me which again put me at ease. Like most people I am not fond of the profession of Dentistry. But Dr. Wilder made it easier to try to relax. This is a lovely group of people who work well together. It feels like you are all they care about. They made me feel glad I chose them to care for my oral health.”

– Patricia S.

“I have had a lot of dental experiences and with Dr. Wilder’s office it gets better every time. They use the highest quality products, the staff is experienced and courteous, my time is respected and more than all of that, when you walk in you are greeted and treated as if they have been waiting all day just for you to arrive. I appreciate Dr. Wilder’s thoroughness and professional manner.”

– Dolly S.

“I had a couple teeth that were cracked when I was in college. I got them filled in 2001. The dentist who did the work was rough with me to the point that my entire lower left jaw was sore for three days. I had to take two days off from work. Recently, I learned those fillings were breaking down & in bad shape so Dr. Wilder fixed them.
That’s only the tip of the iceberg. I was surprised & relieved to not have any lingering pain the next day. My repaired molars look great, they don’t hurt, and this is one dentist I’d highly recommend to all my friends in the Spokane area. His office staff are personable, care about their patients, and were very gentle & concerned for my comfort & pain management. This was by far, the best dental experience I’ve had.”

– Rob. R

“Dr. Wilder took over my former dentist’s practice and he is awesome. What stands out about him is his professionalism, the way he deals with people, his bedside manner and he is just awesome with the patient. He has them call him by his first name, he is just very precise, and I have never had a dentist that just gets in there and gets it done so precisely. He just does a great job and I am really happy. I am just tickled with him. I love the feel of the whole office, it is quiet, and they bring in the towels, put it on your jaw, after they have been working on you, they offer you a blanket and a pillow. The whole office is great from the receptionist to the hygienist and it is the best office I have been in. I have dental anxiety but I don’t any more. They have new equipment; they use a digital camera, which is so nice, because you don’t have to use the impressions.”

– Sandee O.