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February 6, 2019 All Things Dental Author: Wilder Dentistry

Missing teeth diminish a person’s self-esteem and confidence.  Smiles release endorphins making you feel better about yourself and ultimately life in general. When a person feels like they can’t genuinely smile for fear of what others may think, it leaves a heavy burden of insecurity. Your smile is what people see first so it affects that coveted “first impression”. Dental Implants have helped recover smiles and self-esteem by not only creating healthier mouths but beautiful ones!


What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a permanent solution to the unfortunate circumstance of missing or unhealthy teeth. Implants consist of artificial tooth roots offering a base that is permanently fixed to your jaw, “giving root” to replacement teeth (Ha! Pun intended…) Dental implants are effective and long lasting. They are very similar to natural teeth in the way they fit, feel, and function. For those with missing teeth or chronic dental problems, dental implants offer a natural looking and functional mouth again while avoiding troublesome dentures, bridges and/or crowns. The amazing aspect of dental implants is that once the fixture is implemented, over time, the implant and living bone cells of the jaw will fuse together forming a strong and durable bond.

There are three parts that make up dental implants: the implant, abutment, and the crown. The implant is a screw that acts as the root; it permanently clings to your jaw. The abutment is the connector and supporter. It is what holds a tooth or set of teeth at the gum line. The crown or prosthetic tooth is what creates a beautiful smile. It is the part of the tooth that is seen. It is often made up of zirconium or porcelain, which offers good durability and is very aesthetically pleasing.


The Importance of Dental Implants

Protects Remaining Teeth:When a space is vacant in your mouth from losing a tooth, it causes bone loss. As you endure stress and oral pressures the remaining teeth can begin to shift into the hole where that tooth used to be. Therefore, your once healthy teeth can grow unstable and if more bone loss occurs you could lose even more teeth. This is where dental implants come in. Implants effectively fill the gaps that could potentially wreak havoc in your mouth.

Properly Chew Food:The primary functionality of teeth is to help you chew up food. Dental implants allow you to chew and digest food properly. Since they are so similar to natural teeth, how you eat or what you eat doesn’t have to be altered. Your teeth are the first line of attack when food enters your body and if your body is to receive the nutrients it needs effectively, your teeth need to be in good working order.

Eliminate Health Issues:When your oral health diminishes it can ultimately affect the rest of your body. Dental implants not only keep your mouth healthy but also help prevent periodontal disease; an infection that affects the gums around the teeth. If this disease is given the chance to progress it can lead to some detrimental health issues including heart attacks, strokes, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and more. Though dental implants can improve your health and quality of life, they still need regular maintenance. Daily brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups are a must whether you have natural teeth or implants.


The Greatest Benefit: Self-confidence Boost!

Dental implants lead to a restored self-esteem and a new found confidence. Laughing and smiling without reservation will bring joy to your soul and lift your spirits. Your new smile will make the best first impression. Dental implants are designed to look and feel natural, not to mention, your speech may improve as well since dentures can often affect your speech due to slippage. Dental implants really can help bring you back to living your best life!

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