CEREC Same-Day Teeth Restorations

Your smile is an important part of your identity, and it has a lot to do with your ability to communicate the way you feel.  However, when you have bad teeth or you are insecure about your smile, you probably avoid many face-to-face conversations or limit how much of your teeth you show. Whether or not you realize it, this can cause frequent mental and emotional distress.  Living this way is unnecessary!

Anyone with cosmetic teeth concerns should consider taking advantage of our CREC same-day restoration service because having the bright and beautiful smile you have always wanted can truly change your life!  This service is a fast and efficient way to improve the overall look of your teeth without the hassle of return visits that crowns historically required.  The CREC service is a very comfortable process with our advanced imagery and on-site milling technology from our highly-skilled dentists.


What is CEREC?

Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics or Ceramic Reconstruction is what CEREC stands for. It is a digital technology that brings together a camera, a computer and a milling instrument all in one.  These tools assist a dentist in creatingteeth restorations within a single visit. This simple procedure has eliminated the need to send a tooth mold to at a separate location, to provide the patient with a temporary crown, and to ultimately return for additional visits.In fact, the CEREC service has proven to be much safer and more effective than the traditional methods of restoring teeth.


Common CEREC Restorations:

Crowns:A crown replaces a tooth that is decaying or cracked, but it can also support a large filling or it can cosmetically help to shape your teeth. A dental crown is like a new tooth or a replacement for your teeth. Crowns are also apart of a root canal process. CEREC can create the perfect crown for your mouth.

Veneers:This type of dental restoration is a thin covering that lays over the front, visible area of your tooth. Veneers offer a natural look while correcting a cosmetic dental issue such as permanentlystained teeth, chipped or worn down teeth, crooked or misshaped teeth as well as uneven spaces or front teeth that have large gaps. Dental veneers are designed out of porcelain or composite resin material. CEREC service can cosmetically restore your teeth with veneers.

Onlays:Sometimes a tooth can become too damaged to support a filling but not enough for a crown.  In these instances, a dental onlay is needed. An onlaycovers one or more cusps of the tooth and is also known as a partial crown. The CEREC service can fix your dental issue by designing the perfect onlayto improve your teeth.


Benefits of CEREC

Saves Time:This is probably the number one benefit of the CEREC service because having to return for multiple appointments is often a hassle. With the CEREC service, you can walk in withdamaged, unattractive teethand walk out with a beautifullyrestored smile all in the same day!

No Temporaries:The more traditional way of receiving a dental crown required two or more appointments because there were extra steps such as having to send a tooth mold to a dental lab so it could be milled, painted and then sent back. In this process,the patient would be sent home with a temporary, uncomfortable and often unattractive tooth, and the process of removing a temporary crown was a bit unnerving for the patient.  The CEREC service has eliminated the need for a temporary fix.

Perfect Fit:Since traditional crowns had to be sent off and made in a lab, there was always the possibility it could come back not fitting properly or not matching the color of the other teeth, which would then prolong the process. With the CEREC service, eventhe smallest adjustments to the look and feel of the teeth can be completed withinthe same sitting so your teeth restorations can be absolutely perfect before you walk out the door.

Natural Appearance and High Quality:The CEREC service will provide you with teeth that look completely natural. The materials used is of thehighest quality porcelain and completely stain-resistant. The CEREC service is the “real deal” and a complete package for smile restoration.


What Does the Process Entail?

The CEREC service is done in 2 hours or less, and here is what you can expect:

  1. The tooth being restored will be prepared for imaging.
  2. CEREC software will capture digital photos of the tooth.
  3. The technology will convert the digital photos into 3D images or a model of the tooth.
  4. The dentist examines the model and skillfully directs the process for creating the final product.
  5. The computer uses the perfected 3D model to prepare the new tooth.
  6. The dentist removes the crown from the porcelain-carving tool and places it in your mouth while checking for the perfect look and shape.
  7. You will confirm no other changes are needed.
  8. Once everything looks perfect, the dentist will polish and bond the new tooth, and the process will be complete!


The CEREC same-day restorations have truly revolutionized the dental crown process.  This process now gives zero discomfortsand is ultimately the better option for overall cosmetic appearance. If you are in need of cosmetic dental restoration, don’t settle!  Go for the best possible option: Say “Yes!” to CEREC.

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