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  • Parafunctions & Their Effects on Your Oral Health
    While you may have never heard the term “parafunction,” you’ve probably experienced it. Parafunction just means an abnormal function which can include things like nail-biting, unconscious teeth grinding (called bruxism), Read more
  • Everything you need to know about oral cancer
      Whenever a patient comes in for their regular visit, we do an oral cancer screening. It’s not something people think about very much but oral cancer can be detrimental to Read more
  • Children’s Dental Health Can Be Fun!
    February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. For parents and guardians, a child’s dental health can be confusing. You may have questions about thumb sucking, when to have the first Read more
  • Heart Health is Oral Health
    In honor of Heart Health Month, we at Wilder Dentistry want to share an important connection: the link between heart disease and dental health. Heart disease is the leading cause of Read more
  • FAQs About General Dentistry
    Have questions about our dental services? We’re here to answer all of your questions. From dental fears to dental checkups, our Spokane, WA, dentists Dr. Robert Wilder and Dr. Kevin Speer Read more
  • Small Goals to Achieve Optimal Oral Health in 2021
    We know how hard it can be to keep your New Year’s Resolutions. Since staying healthy is the most common resolution, we wanted to share a few small habits you Read more

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