Blessings Under the Bridge Event

A community is defined as a group of people living in the same place or having particular characteristics in common. When wetakethe time to consider the Big Picture of life and serve our community for the greater good, it is nothing short of a powerful experience!  Being in service to others or helping out our “fellow man” is a deep-rooted American valueand one that we take seriously. For Wilder Dentistry, volunteering in the community goes beyond simply being aware of a need or adding numbers to the client pool.  We see community service as a way to build relationships and to strengthen our community as a whole.

As we reach out with a genuine desire for the greater good, we offer help and we offer hope. The power of hope, care and kindness should never be underestimated!  As lives are touched and needs are met, we make our community stronger.  We become more united in a common goal: Health and well-being for all.  We at Wilder Dentistry are committed to making a positive and lasting difference in Spokane.

While there are many community service opportunities, Wilder Dentistry partnered with Blessings Under the Bridge for our latest outreach.  Blessings Under the Bridge is an organization of service-minded people who come together weekly to help the homeless and those who have fallen on hard times in Spokane Valley. People in need are given groceries, a satisfying meal, clothing, numerous resources, a listening ear, and so much more.

This faith-basedorganization lives out theirmission statement each and every week: “Through God and unconditional hope, we endeavor to reach, bless, and offer love to the homeless and less fortunate by restoring purpose and dignity to the hearts of the homeless in our community and the communities around the world.” What a powerful, world-changingmission!

January 23rdwas a life-changing day for many of us at Wilder Dentistry. Standing alongside the “down and out” members of our community, helping to meet their needs, was incredibly humbling!  As we chatted with them and listened to their stories, we realized how much our humanity brought us together, and we were deeply moved.

Here is what Dr. Wilder said about his experience, “I found the experience both humbling and uplifting. To see that there is so much need for the basic necessities in our city and to see the joy with which volunteers were simply willing to be there for other people. To speak with them. To let them know that they were not invisible and that they matter.” Kathy Forney, an employee at Wilder Dentistry, shared her thoughts also “I thought it was a great experience! It was freezing, but very rewarding to help out where help is obviously needed! I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Thank you, Blessings Under the Bridge, for allowing us the opportunity to be a part of the hope and love you all bring to this community every day! We are forever changed.

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