FAQs About General Dentistry

Have questions about our dental services? We’re here to answer all of your questions.

From dental fears to dental checkups, our Spokane, WA, dentists Dr. Robert Wilder and Dr. Kevin Speer understand that you may have questions about the dental care you receive. We’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions from patients over the years and provided you with information that we hope is valuable.

Do I really need to see the dentist twice a year?

Even if you’ve never had a cavity before, it’s still important that you take these six-month checkups seriously. Everyone, including toddlers, should visit our Spokane, WA, family dentist twice a year for cleanings and checkups. This is one of the best ways to both prevent dental problems from happening in the first place and catch dental issues early on when they are far easier to treat.

Dental anxiety has kept me from visiting the dentist. Is there something I can do?

We understand that many people don’t visit the dentist like they should because they have had negative experiences in the past or they have a fear of the dentist’s office. We don’t take it personally! In fact, we understand that dental anxiety is real. If this is keeping you from visiting your general dentist twice a year, ask us about sedation dentistry. Sedation dentistry has helped many patients of all ages feel more relaxed and at ease while getting the dental care they need.

What causes cavities?

Cavities are one of the most common oral diseases we see at our practice. Cavities are the result of several factors. Those who snack frequently or drink a lot of sugary beverages are more at risk for developing cavities, as well as those who don’t maintain good oral hygiene.

Plaque builds up on teeth throughout the day. This sticky substance contains bacteria, which turns sugar and starches that you consume into acid. Acid erodes healthy teeth enamel until it causes holes in your teeth. This hole is known as a cavity.

Is there a way to prevent gum disease?

While gum disease occurs in more than half of American adults, cleaning your teeth and gums properly can go a long way to preventing gum disease. If you want to maintain healthy gums, you need to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily. Flossing is imperative, as this is the only way to remove bacteria, food and plaque from between teeth and along the gum line. It’s also important that you eat a healthy diet low in sugar that is full of whole, unprocessed foods that protect against inflammation.

If you have questions about the treatments our Spokane, WA, dentists, Dr. Wilder and Dr. Speer, offer or if you simply need to schedule your next cleaning, call Wilder Dentistry today at (509) 891-7770.



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