The Unique Benefits of Invisalign

Although you have lots of choices to straighten your crooked smile, Invisalign is a popular and comfortable solution for your problem. This orthodontic treatment system enables you to eat, speak, play sports, and socialize without any hassles, all while giving you your best smile possible.

If you’ve yet to consult with your dentist here at Wilder Dentistry in Spokane Valley, WA about your eligibility for the procedure, we want to help you learn about the benefits that Invisalign can offer you.

Treats a Broad Range of Orthodontic Problems

Although traditional orthodontics is still the most effective solution for individuals with complicated orthodontic cases, Invisalign is capable of treating virtually all simple to moderate orthodontic issues. From underbites to overbites, crowding, and spacing problems, Invisalign will work to guide the teeth where they’re supposed to be and give you a straight smile.

Nearly Invisible

While Invisalign isn’t entirely invisible, it is nearly invisible, so no one will be able to notice the aligners while you’re wearing them. This quality is especially vital since you’ll need to wear the translucent aligners for 20 to 22 hours daily to ensure that you complete your treatment in the expected timeline.

Removability and Convenience

With traditional orthodontic appliances, food can get easily trapped, so going about your oral hygiene routine becomes more time-consuming and difficult. This means that individuals who can’t comply with a stringent oral care plan might find themselves with other dental issues besides their orthodontic problems.

With Invisalign, however, you can do your oral hygiene as is and wear the aligners again once you’re done. Also, Invisalign is likewise a practical option for individuals who play sports or instruments that require the use of their mouth because it can be removed and worn as needed.

Fewer Visits to The Dentist

With traditional orthodontics, lots of patients are required to visit their dentist every two weeks or once monthly. Others, likewise, have to go to their dentist for emergencies concerning their orthodontic appliances. On the other hand, when undergoing Invisalign treatment, you’ll only need to see your dentist in Spokane Valley, WA, every six weeks or so.


Because the clear aligners are made of smooth, flexible thermoplastic material unique to Invisalign, you won’t have issues with discomfort. The aligners won’t irritate or cut your delicate oral tissues and ensure a comfortable orthodontic experience.

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