How Regular Dental Check-ups Improve Overall Health

One lesson we’ve all learned this year is just how important our health is. It’s not always a constant, so we have to be diligent to keep up with our overall health.

That might mean regular check-ups, eating well, or moving your body. However, not everyone considers dental health in that equation. They really should. 

Dental health has a big impact on your overall health including benefits like reducing inflammation and catching signs of cancer early on. 

Dental Health & COVID-19

While it’s still early in the research, there’s even evidence that the “the common inflammatory mediators between periodontal disease and COVID-19, suggesting that periodontal disease may be a contributing factor to and/or exacerbate the severity of COVID-19 symptoms.” (Source)

If you’re wearing masks for your health, you should also have regular appointments with your dentist. You want to stay healthy overall to help avoid major health issues. 

As we’ve seen over the last few months, those who are in better overall health have recovered from COVID-19 faster than others and your dental health is a part of that. 

Dental offices have had to adjust, just like everyone, for COVID-19. However, as essential caregivers, it’s important that we’re now open to provide healthcare to our patients. 

If you’ve been avoiding the dentist over the last few months, you should come in. You can read more about what we’ve been doing to keep our patients safe on our blog

Dental Health, Inflammation, & Cancer

But it’s not just about COVID-19. Dental health has effects throughout your body. 

Regular check-ups can even save your life. Not many people are aware of the warning signs for oral cancer. With every routine check-up, we will screen you for oral cancer so that it can be caught before it’s too late.

There are also connections between the inflammation in your gums and rheumatoid arthritis. (Source) In fact, inflammation is common in many health issues so being able to reduce oral inflammation can help keep other issues at bay. 

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